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Wallace K. Mancuso


I have a date with the keeper _ Pai Pai novel "Oh the sword is alive as long as you use telepathy to communicate with it as long as it has the heart to recognize you it will hear your voice" Elder Martial Brother Qing laughed Telepathy Sound transmission for thousands of miles I scratched my hair "May I" It sounds very profound "Yes yes!"! You can do it! Shigu taught us how to follow our hearts and communicate with each other in the battle array We all learned it quickly It was Environment very simple! Sikong Yan explained to me in a chirping way It turned out to be taught by Youyunzi That's good It's much better than taught by Mochenzi I'm really worried that if I want to learn something from him in the future I'll be scolded to death by him This book was first published by Xiaoxiang Academy please do not reprint! First Time in the Fairy World Coincidence in 2007 For several days in a row I had morning and evening classes every day I went to Yaolu to meditate and practice I practiced simple array with Shigu Youyunzi and three other swordsmen I was really very busy! Since Master Liu Xiangzi told me clearly yesterday after ten days I will challenge the Phoenix Sword Dance in front of everyone! Ten days success or failure at one stroke! But I haven't been near the Phoenix Dance Sword yet so I can't help being a little impatient so I even reduced my sleeping time by half at night and spent it on improving my practice The little turtle said I was going crazy In fact I do not know in the past few days my performance in the senior there has been beyond their imagination several people all praised me! Shifu said that in my morning class the Hun yuan True Qi that is a mask for each person became more and more intense and the color became clearer and brighter which was enough to show that my magic power was increasing day by day! Martial Uncle and Martial Aunt also said that I was very attentive and worthy of praise! But they agreed that they did not want to spread these words to my ears for fear that I would be proud of them That's right if I knew they all appreciated me so much I would stick my tail up to the sky Hehe immortals are immortals and I saw through them at a glance! I see it! I see it! I can see it! Finally I lay on the top of the mountain staring hard and finally I could see a very vague red light coming out of the thick fog Younger martial sister you don't have to do this It's easy to see with your heart and mind Sima Qing was somewhat helpless in my posture-I used both hands and feet like a reptile lying on the ground staring at the front facial features are somewhat tangled a look of desperate with people "Ouch" I "see" enough sitting on the ground breathing rubbing his forehead staring at my headache "I do not care so or not so I can finally see! What about down there Can I try to talk to it "Don't worry!"! It's so hard for you to see it If you take out part of the True Qi and use it in telepathy it will be even more difficult When you can easily see the Phoenix Dance Sword it's not too late to cultivate feelings with it! You can rest assured that you can see it clearly and quickly Sikong Yan squatted beside me and wiped the sweat from my forehead Yes China Suppliers sister you seem to It's too tense "Brother Fei also advised" Of course I'm nervous! Inexplicably fell into here only a few days time I have to pull out that Kuangshi Shenbing I can not be nervous Master is also really but also in front of everyone this is not deliberately want me to lose face! I muttered The three of them couldn't bear to see me so they all sat down with me Elder Martial Brother Qing thought and said "If" Feng Wu Jian is willing to help you you can do it! I stared at him "How can I get it to help me" As long as it is willing to let me pull it out it can be sure! It's just the last time we fought But it's not very optimistic Find out its temperament and please it! In fact you can use it as your weapon your helper your ally your friend and even a part of your body! If you are really good to it it will be subservient to you Elder Martial Brother Qing picked up the Longxiang Sword beside his hand and touched it gently The sword actually made a slight low sound which seemed to echo with him It was this Dragon Sword that flew to save me at the beginning Maybe it also recognized me as the master of Fengwu but Fengwu didn't know me Hum it was annoying! Watching Elder Martial Brotherther making out with his precious sword I couldn't help shouting in my heart When can I be like this with my weapon "But the character of the sword is different" Elder Martial Brother Fei answered "Elder Martial Brother Qing can do this with Long Xiang but I can't do this with Hu Xiao" Tiger Roar likes to take orders! If you consult with it you might as well give the order directly! Only A little grumpy maybe "Hey hey" Szeto Fei Transportation touched the back of his head and smiled foolishly Not like you! Sikong Yan seized the opportunity to make a joke about this honest and honest brother Fei "Last time you made the tiger roar fall out and almost destroyed the Second Martial Uncle's medicine house!"! Ha-ha I heard this paragraph but I couldn't help laughing out loud when I heard it again Seeing that Szeto Fei blushed I quickly held back "Tiger Roaring Sword is like a tough man I don't like the love between children It's just right for Elder Martial Brother Fei" "I'm not partial to the greasy!" Sima Qing hurriedly clarified for himself causing a burst of laughter What about you How about Elder Martial Sister's son-in-law After laughing I asked Elder Martial Sister Yan Coincidentally she was a woman and her sword was called "Son-in-law's Sword"! First she hit me reproachfully and then she said "Nvxu belongs to Yin which is somewhat similar to our girls I don't lose my temper with it and it obeys me It has been holding a sword ever since" There's nothing difficult yet "Yes no matter male or female in the face of such a delicate little beauty as you you always can't get up" I went over like a ruffian and took the opportunity to touch Elder Martial Sister's cheek " Not in shape! She was so used to my strange behavior that she hit me on the back of the hand and laughed Alas I don't know this Phoenix Dance Sword What character I lay on the stone and sighed to the sky

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