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Jackie D. Lee


Wang Shuli raised her head in surprise and found that the girl in front of her was now standing in a landscape of her own. Her language was sonorous and noble, and she was slightly raising her delicate chin. She was facing herself sideways, and a little cold light came out from the corner of her eyes. Her thick eyelashes and beautiful face were interwoven with coldness and charm. It was indescribably beautiful, a little different from the gentle and charming little daughter's home in the past. She had thought that she stopped herself because she didn't want to make a big fight to offend the officials and dignitaries for a little medicine boy, but she was wrong. She sighed slightly in her heart. No wonder the man was more and more interested in Princess Chunan. When she was free, she would ask, Princess Chunan's expression, the young Princess Yongyuan. Wang Shuli silently patted the wide-eyed child in her arms. Dare you.. You are bold. "The little girl opened her eyes and watched the guard take away her cat three times and two times, and then detained her servant. She rushed forward and stretched out her foot to kick Yan Bingchu, but was held in her arms by Mammy behind her." The princess. Princess, "the Mammy knelt on the ground with trepidation, holding the struggling girl in her arms." My wife is too young to be sensible. I hope the princess has a lot. " "You go back." Yan Bingchu staggered his body slightly, ignoring them, turned around and motioned to the guards behind him to send Mammy and the girl back to Qin Fu. "Be careful on the way, these people?" She stretched out her hand and pointed to a few servants kneeling on one side. "All of them were sent to the Yamen. Tell the whole thing to the prefect. Well, is this a crime? You just say that the princess said it can be big or small. See how Lord Qin responds. Several guards bowed and went to do their own work. Yan Bingchu specifically ordered Wenbo to follow Shanqing, the guard who sent the girl home, so that a big man could not say clearly. Although the little girl Qin was domineering, she could not be treated roughly. Shanqing looked at the little girl Qin's Mammy with cold eyes. He brushed the knife on his waist with one hand and unfolded it slightly with the other hand. "Please," he said in a deep voice. Mammy looked at the long knife,Pietra Gray Marble, which seemed to be cold, and trembled with excitement. She hugged the crying little girl tightly and followed Shanqing's footsteps out, followed by Wenbo. This is a great man. Yan Bingchu raised his eyebrows and listened to the little girl's curses disappear outside the wall. He shook off his sleeves and sighed disappointedly. The identity of the princess is easy to use. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Wang Shuli and the little boy in her arms staring at him with two pairs of bright eyes. Suddenly he stiffened and looked at himself carefully. There's nothing wrong with it. She smiled. "What's wrong?" The small pear vortex is looming, and it shakes people's eyes innocently and charmingly. Wang Shuli looked at her and changed back to the little girl who was coquettish and soft, and then she came to her senses. She was a little embarrassed, because just now the noble princess had changed her face twice, hooked her lips and pointed her fingers. She was a big Song female hooligan. (To be continued). If you like this work,Agate Slabs For Sale, you are welcome to come to the starting point of mobile phone network (qidian. CN) to subscribe and reward. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter 126 longing Charging section (8 points) Chapter 126 longing Unconsciously, the breath of spring is getting stronger bit by bit, and the warm wind makes people lazy. In the upper house, a young girl was lowering her head, and her eyes always fell on the textbook in front of her. Her quiet and slender figure provoked many students to look up and immediately bow their heads and write vigorously. It was already a great thing for a 14-year-old woman to go up to the upper house, not to mention that she was so serious. Even if a daughter is like this, how can a man lag behind? There is another extremely unmentionable reason. In front of the beautiful and unspeakable Princess Chunan, they always unconsciously hope that they can do better and better. And the truth of the matter is only known by the young girl. At this time, as long as someone comes up to Yan Bingchu, who seems to be serious, and lowers his head to look at her downcast eyes, which are blank and have no focus, like thick fog and clouds, he knows that her soul has already moved nine days away and does not know where it belongs. A gust of wind, White Marble Mosaic ,grey marble slab, with a bright light outside the window into a few small peach petals, one of them flew mischievously on the tip of her nose, and fell down on the book in front of her, Yan Bingchu's dark eyes moved, gradually, all the light sucked into her pupils. She stretched out and twirled the peach petals, gradually changing the bright red embellishment in the fingertips of Xueyu, shining in the eyes. Is the peach so young that it is so brilliant? Yan Bingchu carefully clipped the peach petals into the book, closed the book, and went out. The upper house definitely occupies a good position in the Imperial College, opposite to the lower house and the middle house, but there is a path in the middle, half-covered by bamboo groves, and then around a clear pool, which highlights the absolute position of the upper house. At this time, Yan Bingchu was walking on the path outside the upper house. Up to the house, the teacher is no longer focused on lectures, Confucian classics and governance, how to integrate, how to extend, is the student's own business. As long as you can hand in a perfect article, Mr. Shangshe, ten people, if you can get five people's praise, you can go out of the Imperial College, go into the court, express your mind and show your ambition. What about her. To pay or not to pay? Although she was a young lady who was about to get married, neither Yan Tingwen nor Xu, nor Laotaijun nor Song, had the intention of forcing her to quit the capital school. Even Princess Chang had sent a message back to let her not worry about it. If she missed it, she would continue to read it. At most, she would delay getting married for two years. The later she married, the more precious her daughter would be. Yan Bingchu sighed slightly and looked through the bamboo forest at the blooming peach blossoms planted outside the upper house. She does not want to marry late, Xie Xu has 19 this year, this age, Yan Bingning is a father, everyone is like this, how can she set a precedent? She also does not have any big desire, wants to be a generation of female officials, bosom prime minister Ji Shu, participates in the government and so on. In fact, she just doesn't want to let her eyes stick to a small world in the backyard, so year after year, day after day, she is afraid that she will finally dislike herself,Agate Slabs Countertops, let alone others? The peach is young and its brilliance is burning. The peach blossoms are so bright and beautiful that it is hard to forget that she also wants this rare talent. After the burning peach blossom, it is the son to return, suitable for his home.

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