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Sarah J. Wooten


She gazed at me quietly and said word by word, "You are obviously intelligent and intelligent, but with the innocence of a child, you say you are a child. Which child has such a tough mind as you?"? Forced to fall into the brothel, do not cry, calm, but also know how to calculate, know with outstanding knowledge and talent to save themselves. Even if you know that you can't get away with it, you should try to make the best plan for yourself in the worst situation. Sometimes I can't believe that you are a woman with such intelligence, sensitivity and courage. This kind of scheming, ordinary people have to go through many years of experience and accumulation, may not be like you, and people can not believe that you are not yet 17 years old. Well, the blue snow is only 28 years old? Young girl, I really picked up a big bargain. But is it me that Yue Niang is talking about? I'm a little sweaty! So I brought her such a feeling? This this this this sounds like how different I really am? If I wear such a big circle of light, I will be confused by sweet words, OK? Come on, what you said is what any modern person would do in this situation, okay? Maybe they are better and stronger than me, not as confused as I am,smart whiteboard price, but playing well. I am a little depressed, listening to her say so much, how different, but I compare myself with modern comrades, is a bird! I was suddenly deflated. When Yue Niang saw me listening to her flattery, she was not only unhappy, but dejected. She was even more surprised: "Blue Snow, Blue Snow,facial recognization camera, where did your talent, thought, wisdom and courage come from?"? Isn't it incredible that these things are concentrated on a 16-year-old girl? I know you're the daughter of the prime minister's mansion, and you have several teachers, but they. Yue Niang gave a sneer with a contemptuous look on her face. "They can't compare with you. They can't train such an excellent girl as you.". No wonder Chu Shang him. She closed her mouth suddenly, glanced at me nervously with a pair of beautiful eyes, and stopped talking. It seems that she knows the teacher of Blue Snow. I smiled, um. Even if you don't know, you must also understand that Chu Shang must have done his homework before he destroyed the Wei family, so he must have some understanding of the blue snow before, right? Perhaps she is an ordinary lady, even if knowledgeable, elegant and dignified, but also a woman's duty to do better, digital signage kiosk ,information kiosk price, with all the ladies of this era and there is no essential difference. Is it this that makes Chu Shang and Yue Niang suspicious of me? Now I only hope that their attention to the former blue snow is not as high as I imagined, when I am an ordinary daughter, did not do too much intelligence collection, otherwise, it is really difficult to deal with their questioning in turn? "Haven't Yue Niang ever heard that a rich family doesn't need to buy fertile land? There are thousands of millet in the book.". There is no need to build a high hall to live in peace, and there is a golden house in the book. Don't hate to go out with no one. There are many chariots and horses in the book. Don't hate not having a good matchmaker when you marry a wife. There is a beautiful face in the book. If a man wants to fulfill his ambition in life, he should read the Five Classics at the window. ?” I smiled and said, "Since everything in this world can come from books, what is my little cleverness and courage?" "Good literary talent, good eloquence.." Yue Niang's eyes flashed, and she didn't know whether she believed me or not. She seemed to be intentional and unintentional. "Does the girl have ambition in her heart?" Alas. There's no end to this! Is it for Chu Shang to get information? I sighed and laughed at myself and said, "Mother Yue thinks highly of me too much. I'm only interested in idle books and unofficial histories, but I don't have any great rewards." "Is that girl still reading?" Yue Niang chuckled, apparently not believing, "Women read so many books, only to increase their own troubles, what is the use?" About this thought of the fate of the brothel woman, a dark expression. What's the use? In our 21st century, the competition for survival is so fierce that no matter whether you are a man or a woman, you may not be able to survive without reading a little. If a woman wants to get a good job, she has to learn more skills than a man; if a woman wants to succeed in her career, she has to pay more effort, sweat and effort than a man, but she still can't escape the fate of being surrounded by discrimination and gossip. With the progress of human civilization in the 21st century, the patriarchal society has never disappeared, but it is not as obvious and formalized as that of women in ancient times. Men's spiritual and personality imprisonment of women is probably even worse than that in ancient times. I didn't have the same experience as her. I shook my head and said, "If it's really useless, will Yue Niang still stand here and talk to me about this problem?" I'm afraid you don't care about me and abandon me like an old shoe? I lightly sighed: "Since everything in the world exists, there is a reason for its existence." The last sentence made Yue Niang look unpredictable and finally stopped talking. Perhaps the ideas I instilled into her were too avant-garde, and she wanted to digest them well. She didn't bother me these three days, but only sent me what I had given her to prepare. Chu Shang went out of my room that day, but there was no sign of him. Only Feng Ge ran to me every day. We had practiced the song thoroughly. When I imagined the situation on the stage, I often couldn't help laughing. Feng Ge asked me what I was laughing at, and I shook my head with a smile. I was already concerned about the formal reception of guests after the stage. I had learned about Chu Shang's reaction before, and I was sure to change his mind after the stage performance. I have tried my best. If I make a mistake, I can only say that God doesn't help me. Chu Shang, regardless of the consequences, accompany you to play this game, you must not let me down! ——2006、8、29 This book is first published by Xiaoxiang Novel Original Network, please keep it for reprinting! [Volume I Brothels: Chapter 15 Sale] As expected, there was a letter from Jinxiu Village. On the morning of the third day, they delivered the skirt I made on time. When I took it out of the brocade box and looked at it, I was very satisfied. They were able to make the skirt I drew into a shape of 98%. When they tried it on the upper body, all of them were ironed and pasted. The roses made of silk flowers also made a verve. Smiling, I praised Aunt Jin and thanked her for making the flowers well. She grinned and said, "It's the pattern that the girl painted. If the girl really wants to thank her,thermal imaging camera, can you give the pattern of the flower to our Jinxiu Village?" "" Oh, "said Yue Niang with a smile," it's a shame that we girls can be looked at with such tricky eyes as Aunt Jin. " 。

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